About the Agency

Representing Professional Basketball Players for 2 Decades

About the Agency

Ron Sport, founded by Roni Lupu in 2001, began by representing some of the very best foreign, professional, female basketball players ever to have played for Israeli teams, in the purpose of greatly promoting their careers.

Lupu, a graduate of the Nat Hollman School for Basketball Coaches at the Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sport has developed over the years a wide ranging network with Israeli coaches and managers based on total professionalism, trust and friendship.

We work in partnership with Mike Cound (The Cound Group Global) including Prodep Agency and we are their exclusive representative in Israel for players including names such as Jennie Sims, Victoria Vivians and Camille Zimmerman. These are just a few of the exceptional American players represented by Ron Sport during their professional career in Israel.

Agency and Players growing and developing together

In 2004, with a well-earned reputation for professionalism and integrity, the agency expanded to include professional male players from the abroad who stay with their teams for four to five years. We also began representing some of the best up and coming Israeli players. Many of them have been with us from the beginning of their professional careers and grown along with the agency.

Rosport Basketball agency

If you are looking for representation in EU market you are welcome to contact me - Roni Lupu Fiba certified agent - Please contact me at [email protected] or WhatsApp +972-505-599192

Major Basketball Leagues in Israel & Europe

These are just a few of the many professional players with whom we have worked and continue to work closely, creating opportunities on and off of the parquet:

Storm Warren

Marcus Relphorde

Andell Cumberbatch

Michael Roll

Jordan Sample

Byron Wesley