Play Basketball in Israel

Jump to the Top of the Basketball Game, in Israel

Some children and young people dream of ‘making it’ in sports. One of the most popular fields is, definitely – basketball. If you are interested in becoming a professional in any field, you would want to do so the right way. Same with becoming a professional basketball player. Therefore, finding an excellent agent is highly important. Especially if you want to play basketball in israel.

What does it take to turn into a basketball star in Israel?

First and foremost, if you really want to be the next Israeli star in the basketball field, keep in mind that it is anything but easy: this is a very competitive and stressful game and world. Success requires very high discipline, hard work and serious practice. Sports in general, and basketball in particular, should become a major part of your daily routine. Also, the younger you start, the more chances you have. All these and, of course, having the required talent, as well as height (unfortunately, 6 foot is considered short here!). Obviously, you cannot do all these by yourself. For that reason, and to achieving your goal, having a good agent is so important.

But what is exactly a basketball agent?

The agent is by your side from the moment you set your foot in the basketball world, and all along your career. His job is to take care of all your needs, including important steps such as signing a contract with Israeli basketball teams, make sure that you manage well in this team, and in the field. The agent should identify both strengths and weaknesses of the player he represents; make the most of the advantages and find ways for improving the weak points. The agent knows to find good collaborations and to negotiate. A good agent is very emotionally intelligent, and a skilled diplomat, as some of the job requires politics between basketball groups and players.   Therefore, one of your top priorities as a beginner is to look for a recommended and excellent agent in Israel. Do not haste, but pick the best one you can find. Start reading up agencies and collecting recommendations about good agents around Israel. With all that however, a part of the whole agent -player relationship, as in any other relationship, depends on chemistry. If the agent has good chemistry with the plater he represents, the chances for successful collaboration increase.   We wish you the best of luck here at RonSport agency!  

להפוך חלום לקריירה

אם הגעתם לכאן סימן שאתם לא סתם חובבנים , יש לכם תשוקה למשחק ואתם שואפים להצטיין בו , אז נעים מאוד אני רוני לופו סוכן שחקני כדורסל עם ניסיון של למעלה מ-20 שנה המקצוע שלי הוא לקחת את התשוקה שלכם למשחק ולהפוך אותה לקריירה מאות שחקנים ושחקניות ישראלים וזרים שעברו תחת ידיי משחקים היום בליגות הבכירות בישראל ומצליחים להגיע להישגים מכובדים ,

אם אתם גם חולמים לעשות קריירה בכדורסל אשמח לעזור לכם בתחילת הדרך, ולבנות לכם קריירה לתפארת ומי יודע אולי עוד תשחקו בנבחרת ..